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Antenna Testing Testing Services

Antenna Testing Testing Services

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Swept Ranges From 300 MHz to 40 GHz

  • We will measure your passive antenna gain patterns in full 3D spherical or 2D polar plots (or even “1D” single-direction)
  • Our antenna testing chamber’s frequency range is 300 MHz to 40 GHz on passive antennas, with wide sweeps available to cover your antenna’s entire operating range with one test
  • You get spreadsheets of your gain results in dBi, and the ability to plot any pattern in your frequency range, as well as Radiation Efficiency vs. Frequency from 3D plots and vector/phase data for CP antennas
  • Our fast turn around time is just days, written quotes are quick, and our prices are listed online
  • We can also measure live antennas with EIRP and TRP results in dBm

Standard Resolution Is $450

Choose from either 2D polar plots (two cuts at 2 degree resolution) or 3D spherical plots (10 degree resolution) for your antenna. We recommend 3D plots for all new, unproven, and non-directional antennas (get 2D vs. 3D help here). The 3D plot allows unparalleled visibility into an antenna’s true radiation pattern, and often shows features that are impossible to visualize with just 2D polar cuts. Because spherical data covers all directions, our test program will also calculate and include antenna radiation efficiency vs frequency. Spherical antenna patterns frequently surprise first time designers, and deviations from expected or simulated results are due to real-life disturbances such as feed line attachment. See all of the benefits here, and learn more with our Educational Pages.

Deliverables For Standard Resolution Antenna Tests:

  • 3D Spherical plots (renderable on your desktop PC) at 10 degree resolution with Vertical, Horizontal, and Total gain in dBi
  • 2D Polar plots (renderable in Excel) at 2 degree resolution, two orthogonal cuts with Vertical, Horizontal, and Total gain in dBi (a third orthogonal cut is optional)
  • Gain in dBi is reported at each of the hundreds of pattern directions, over your entire swept frequency range
  • Spreadsheet results allow easy post processing and quick custom plots such as “efficiency vs frequency,” “forward gain vs. frequency,” “front-to-back ratios,” and much more
  • Photographs of your test setup in our RF anechoic antenna testing chamber

High Resolution $750

This higher resolution option delivers the same patterns, but at 5 degree resolution for spherical testing, or 1 degree resolution for 2D polar plots. The frequency setup, charge is still $150, with the per antenna test charge at $600. You can see our full price list here.


Antenna Size:

Our antenna testing service allows for a maximum test size of 24 x 24 inches with a depth of 24 inches or less.