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4D Animated Gain Frequency Plots

4D Animated Gain Frequency Plots

There is no better way to review and visualize your swept frequency 3D spherical pattern results.

We stitch together a movie of each frequency’s 3D plot image to create a video file. You or your customers can visualize 3D patterns in broadband antennas simply by watching a standard MP4 video. You can easily pause and scrub back and forth to see your patterns at any test frequency.

We offer this service as an add on to any of our antenna tests for only $175. We will email your MP4 video file in addition to your standard Excel spreadsheet results and 3D plot files. We can even make solid plastic prints of your 3D measured antenna patterns with this service.

Check out some of these examples based on some popular public domain antennas that we have tested. Just press the Play > button in your browser.