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Antenna Matching Services

Antenna Matching Services

Tuning and Impedance Matching of Embedded Antennas

Antenna Test Lab offers antenna tuning/matching services for your embedded antenna designs. We do the work to measure, calculate, and test your RF matching components. Then we verify the entire design by evaluating the matched antenna system in our anechoic chamber. We use full spherical 3D gain patterns that allow direct measurement of swept frequency radiated efficiency measurements.

  • PCB “copper” antennas need to be dimensionally adjusted to resonate on their installed PCB ground-plane size and to compensate for co-located structures like batteries and cables. 
  • SMD surface mount “part” antennas also require tuning passives to achieve resonance with your board dimensions. Some antenna components have attached PCB trace “tails” that require length adjustment.
  • Some of the benefits of antenna matching and verification are detailed in this article
  • Antenna gain is not well understood, even by many electrical engineers: we recommend this simple gain tutorial, and this tutorial on “Is More Gain Better?”.

Project Deliverables

Our antenna matching service includes the following deliverables:

  • Return-Loss and VSWR documented as graphs and in spreadsheets. This data is supplied for your initial (unmatched) antenna, and the optimized (matched or tuned) antenna
  • A specific parts list BOM detailing the exact RF passives needed for your “match”
  • Full swept frequency 3D antenna patterning in our anechoic chamber, which is the ultimate design verification
  • A graph of realized efficiency vs frequency for your matched antenna.
  • Desktop plottable 3 dimensional gain patterns at 100 or more test frequencies

Project Requirements

The following items are required by us for a successful antenna optimization project:

  • Schematics marked with the location of the antenna’s matching components and a PCB diagram (or clear silkscreen markings) locating those components
  • At least three PCBs for modification, which will modified by cutting traces and attaching coaxial feed probes to allow VNA test port access to your antenna system (we may not use all three PCBs)
  • Any relevant assemblies like an enclosure or co-located batteries and cables which may influence antenna performance
  • Minimum matching component size of 0402

Project Pricing

This antenna matching and performance verification service is offered by us at the fixed price of $1750 per antenna. We can work with designs from 300 MHz to 6 GHz for SMD components.