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Educational Videos

Educational Videos

3D and 4D Antenna Test Results Videos

Our 3D antenna patterns can be plotted right on your own desktop with our downloadable 3D plotting software. There is no better way to view 3D plots than with a scalable rotatable viewer, right on your PC. You can conveniently view spherical patterns at any or all test frequencies. We can now even do 4D plotting, where your swept frequency 3D plots are animated so that you can see your 3D pattern evolving and changing as frequency is swept. Here is an example 4D plot.

4 Dimensional swept frequency antenna pattern plotting

More patterns can be found in the Example Reports section of our site. Look for 3D test programs (not 2D polar), then download the .ZIP data-files which contain the .TXT plot-files.

Checkout this video showing how we 3D print desktop models of measured antenna patterns. We can even supply STL files so you print them yourself. More details HERE.

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