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Our Antenna Testing Services

We offer comprehensive and expert antenna evaluations. Antenna Test Lab Co specializes in giving customers unparalleled insights into their antenna performance. Go beyond gain, and visualize performance with 2D/3D patterns and radiation efficiency data.

Antenna Patterns

Passive antenna gain patterns and evaluations in full 3D spherical or 2D polar

Transmitter Patterns

Live antenna EIRP/TRP patterns and evaluations in full 3D spherical or 2D polar

Additional Tests

Extras like impedance matching, antenna tuning, VSWR, Return Loss, Axial Ratios, Efficiency, and more

antenna test company

"They are not only very capable and knowledgeable in the RF Testing field, but they offer services at a very reasonable and competitive price. "

Roger Owens, Chief Engineer, Skywave Antennas Inc.

antenna test company

“Antenna Test Lab provides top notch data in a very timely manner. 2D and 3D plots at an extremely reasonable rate! ATL is extremely flexible and I appreciate their cooperation. Thanks again ATL."

Don Dinsdale, Product Developer at Wilson Electronics, Home of weBoost, zBoost and WilsonPro

antenna test company

"Great measurements, great knowledge, and great value"

Will Darden, Will Darden, Head Engineer, Hardware, Connected Development

antenna test company

"The equipment and expertise found at this lab are the keys to rapid results at a reasonable cost."

Rod Williams, Director of Systems & Hardware Engineering at Device Solutions

Sample Antenna Test Results And Expert Evaluations

Select from the filters below to browse our collection of antenna samples verified with our lab's fast antenna testing service ... All feature our swept wide-band results.

Example 12: Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ Antenna Evaluation

This antenna example is a common and popular option for most IoT devices operating in the 2.45 GHz “WiFi” ISM band. It is a PCB antenna designed by Proant AB and replaces the dielectric SMT chip antenna previously used the “Pi’s”. The design is a planar resonant cavity using two sets of SMT capacitors to […]

Log Periodic Spiral Antenna PCB Artwork View

Example 11: PCB Spiral Antenna

This interesting test subject by HexandFlex is a large PCB log periodic spiral antenna (not an Archimedes spiral). Its design goal was to be circularly polarized so that it would be polarization insensitive and large enough to function down to 400 MHz. The designer’s write-up of the design flow is detailed in this series of […]

Photo Measured Antenna Gain for LEO Satellite RHCP Circularly Polarized 70 cm

Example 10: Eggbeater LEO Satellite Antenna for 432 MHz (70cm)

This omnidirectional circularly polarized antenna is designed for up-facing coverage of Low Earth Orbit Satellites. It is model EB-432/RK70CM from M2 Antenna Systems. Their website description is: ” The EB-432 EGGBEATER offers exciting new performance characteristics for both fixed and mobile operations. The EGGBEATER produces smooth Omni directional HORIZONTAL polarity at the horizon. Above the horizon, the […]

Ka Band Sector Horn 3D Radiation Gain Pattern Testing in Anechoic Chamber Feature

Example 9: Ka Band Sector Horn Spherical and Polar Gain Patterns

Our lab can perform measurements up through 40 GHz covering the Ku, K, and Ka bands. To highlight this capability, we have patterned a surplus WR28 wave-guide fed sector horn. Since this horn has a beam width of only 6.5 degrees in the E-plane, it was patterned with our high resolution options. The H-plane is […]