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Radar Cross Section Testing Services (RCS)

Radar Cross Section Testing Services (RCS)

Lab Capabilities

Antenna Test Lab Co offers swept RCS testing of small items, usually under 150 mm in size. We can evaluate reflectors, retroreflectors, lenses, polarizers, and materials from various angles, with swept frequency results from 4 to 40 GHz. We use a 1.5 meter test range and ultra broadband dual-polarized antennas (rated for 1 to 43.5 GHz). The measurement noise floor is approximately -25 dBsm (decibel square meters) through IFFT time gating. We typically calibrate with a 300 mm diameter sphere. Most measurements are quasi-monostatic, with small closely spaced (but separate) TX/RX antennas resulting in a minimal bistatic angle of 1 degree. Using two ultra-broadband quad ridge antennas allows our setup to fully explore both co-polarized and cross-polarized parameters.

Radar Cross Section Testing Calibration Targets

Reflection verification targets: 120 mm sphere and a 100 mm trihedral corner reflector

Utilizing dual polarized transmit and receive antennas for a 4-port VNA sweep from 1 to 43.5 GHz

Radar Cross Section Testing Cross-Polarized Broadband Antennas
Radar Cross Section Testing Calibration of Target Spheres dBsm Square Meters in GHz

Calibration and verification sweeps

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RCS reflections gated in the time domain

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Time Domain Reflection Showing Gating Dihedral Corner Reflector Radar Cross Section RCS Calibration
Trihedral Corner Retro-Reflector for Radar Cross Section Testing and Calibration dBsm