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Circularly Polarized Antenna Testing Services

Circularly Polarized Antenna Testing Services

LHCP/RHCP, Co/Cross Polarization, Axial Ratio

And Cross Polarization Rejection Ratio

By Dave3457 - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9862801

Our antenna evaluation service gathers full “vector gain data” during testing, which means your antenna’s gain and phase are both measured. We do this in every test direction, and for every test frequency. Then we do the complex math for you, and report all standard circularly polarized (CP) parameters in easy to understand spreadsheets. Specialized post processing or graphing is made easy when your data is in our spreadsheet format. Virtually any plot can be created, including overlaying co-polarization and cross-polarization parameters on the same graph.

An example of our typical CP spreadsheet report can be found here. We have also created a no-math white-paper explaining CP antenna concepts, which can be found here.

RHCP Cavity Backed Spiral Antenna GPS Testing Spherical Pattern Measured in Far Field Anechoic Chamber

Your test results will include the following data in Excel format: 

  • All of the features of standard passive antenna testing are included
  • LHCP Gain in dBi
  • RHCP Gain in dBi
  • Total Gain Magnitude in dBi
  • Axial Ratio in dB
  • Graphs of LHCP, RHCP, and Axial Ratio vs frequency for the preferred antenna direction (data is available for all test directions)
  • Raw orthogonal vector gain and phase data

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