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About Us

About Us

Antenna Testing Facility

Our History

First founded in 2001, Antenna Test Lab Company grew towards its current capabilities with the completion of an RF anechoic antenna test chamber in 2004. Six years later, we upgraded our lab capabilities to 40 GHz and added all-new, ultra-broadband custom test antennas along with a fast spherical 2-Axis positioner. Since 2014, we are taking full vector gain data on all antenna evaluations: customers benefit from a full testing of circularly polarized antennas with LHCP/RHCP gains and axial ratios. Our antenna testing service has been able to delight our hundreds of customers by providing the best value and highest level of antenna performance insights. All of this while still focusing on cost-effective evaluations and innovations in antenna patterning. If you are enthusiastic about your antennas, then we can’t wait to work with you!

Who We Are

What sets us apart from other antenna testing services is our passion for all things RF and our commitment to supporting engineers, designers and others in the field. Founder and principal engineer Glenn Robb likes to say he was born an RF engineer. Since childhood, he has been fascinated with amateur radio and antennas. At age 17, he lived in his bedroom RF lab. Check out this photo! Now after almost 30 years of RF engineering, his passion for antennas and promoting their understanding is still going strong.

Company Values

Quad ridge horn anechoic chamber laboratory open boundary low frequency
Adjusting the quad ridge horn
We believe:
  • That each customer deserves accurate and timely test results at a fair price
  • That continuous improvement in ourselves and our lab yields benefits that we’re proud to share with our customers
  • That together, we have the power to solve “unsolvable” problems
  • That our mission is to help each customer understand their antenna’s performance, its benefits, and its limitations. We are enthusiastic about empowering customers to see into the world of RF radiation.
  • That customers deserve insights, independent testing, and direct contact with an expert antenna engineer. Our test results are straightforward, and supplied in non-proprietary format Excel spreadsheets with desktop plotting software.


quad ridge and dual ridge open boundary horn antennas
Multiple broadband horns


Where We Are

The Antenna Test Lab Company is located in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. You’re invited to visit! First time customers are often delighted to see 3D antenna testing in action and visit a commercial antenna test chamber. Let us know how we can help you. Contact Us.

RF Anechoic Chamber And Antennas With VNA Bench And Spectrum Analyzer In Lab
Our RF Test Bench And VNAs Adjacent to the RF Anechoic Chamber