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Our Partners

Our Partners

Our Promise Of Confidentiality

We do not offer antenna design services. After having signed countless NDAs with trusted customers, it would be improper for us to offer design services, while simultaneously evaluating similar designs from your competitors. Our commitment to our customer’s intellectual privacy is paramount.

However, there are a few top-notch RF consulting companies who frequently utilize our laboratory, and they are well suited to the task of product design consulting and test program management. The first three are highly recommended to customers seeking comprehensive design services for RF, “Wireless”, M2M products and antenna design.

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Meet Our Partners

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Additional Resources For RF Engineers

There are many resources on the web for RF and antenna engineers. Please start with our educational articles, this is the same advice that we give customers here in the lab, and they will get you up to speed. Here is a short list of some of our favorites other resources.

HexAndFlex Blog is written by a talented RF engineer in the UK, and his MATLAB/Octave scripts are used in our moving 4D antenna plots

RF Cafe is a huge resource of RF links, articles and tools.

Schematics.com is a great online free schematic tool that works right in your browser window.

Engineering Unplugged is a collection of websites for the benefit of the Engineering and Sciences Community.

PartSim is an online circuit simulator site, do full SPICE simulations right in your browser !