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Customer Referrals And Accolades

Customer Referrals And Accolades

We Love Our Customer Feedback

Here is what a few of our customers have said about us …


  • The equipment and expertise found at this lab are the keys to rapid results at a reasonable cost.
    • Rod Williams Director of Systems & Hardware Engineering at Device Solutions
  • Great measurements, great knowledge, and great value
    • Will Darden, Head Engineer, Hardware, Connected Development
  • Antenna Test Lab provides top notch data in a very timely manner, trust me coming from me this is a huge compliment, I operate on an 8 to 10 business MINUTE schedule, NOT 8 to 10 business days like most people! 2D and 3D plots at an extremely reasonable rate! ATL is extremely flexible and I appreciate their cooperation. Thanks again ATL.
    • Don Dinsdale, Product Developer at Wilson Electronics, Home of weBoost, zBoost and WilsonPro
  • Skywave Antennas Inc. is a Design and Manufacturer of antennas and hardware for the metering industry. We had a need for a reliable, cost effective, independent source for our design verifications. We needed a test house that had the capability, knowledge and would give us direct access to the Engineer. After review we found such a test house, so we selected Antenna Test Lab. They are not only very capable and knowledgeable in the RF Testing field, but they offer services at a very reasonable and competitive price. We think of Antenna Test Lab as our go to partner for all of our chamber testing.”
    • Roger Owens, Chief Engineer, Skywave Antennas Inc.

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