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Example Test Reports Overview

Example Test Reports Overview

Samples Of Our Work

Our antenna testing service has evaluated countless interesting antenna projects. However, we always hold customer data completely confidential. We even refrain from antenna offering design services, to guarantee confidentiality of your intellectual property.

Our antenna testing company has evaluated a few public domain antennas purchased on the open market, to serve as example test programs. These examples can help you decide on which pattern type and resolution are best for your product. Learn more about 2D vs 3D antenna testing here, and discover the many benefits of testing your antenna here.

You can download our 3D plotting software here. Then download one of the 3D tested example antennas and make your own desktop plots. You could start with Example #1. Here is the link to our gallery of Example Reports for easy browsing of our sample projects.

Antenna Test Results Picture Gallery Vivaldi Horn PCB LPDA Antennas
Antenna Test Results Picture Gallery

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