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Example 9: Ka Band Sector Horn

Our lab can perform measurements up through 40 GHz covering the Ku, K, and Ka bands. To highlight this capability, we have patterned a surplus WR28 wave-guide fed sector horn. Since this horn has a beam width of only 6.5 degrees in the E-plane, it was patterned with our high resolution options. The H-plane is a broad 90 degree wide quarter sector.

The photos below, also show our K band chamber source antenna, which is lit up by the range’s alignment laser.

You can download the following data files:

  • 2D polar pattern spreadsheet and Excel plots  HERE
  • 3D spherical pattern data spreadsheet  HERE
  • 3D spherical pattern plot-file  HERE  and you may render rotatable 3D plots with this software  HERE


Date 06 May, 2018

Categories 2D Polar Patterns, 3D Spherical Patterns, ALL Antennas, Microwave

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