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Biz Cards

Biz Cards

We have been using PCBs as business cards for years and our customers love them! Why not make an antenna AND a biz-card! It’s been so much fun that we have even done some 100mm x 100mm PCB antenna tiles as giveaways. 

If you’ve come here, you’re probably curious about your antenna card. Antenna Test Lab has you covered … there is no better place to find out about an antenna’s performance. The card you have is a functional antenna, and only requires a connector and a feed line. All you have to do is read the PCB number on the artwork and select the model from our list below. There you will find instructions on how to feed the antenna and what topology it uses. And what you really need to see, are the sample 2D Polar or full 3D evaluations. This is the same testing that we can do for you!


Business Card Sized LPDA


Business Card Sized Vivaldi
PCB0041 Planar Tapered Slot Vivaldi PCBwith Coax Feed For Gain Testing


100 mm Tile LPDA
PCB0042 Log Periodic Dipole Array Antenna PCB Gain Printed Circuit Board


100 mm Tile Yagi


Business Card Re-radiator


100 mm Tile Vivaldi
PCB0045 Vivaldi Broadband PCB Antenna Gain Efficiency VSWR Tested In Chamber


100 mm Tile fractal


100 mm Tile Yin-Yang


100 mm Tile Tree
PCB0048A Tree Shape Antenna Tested in Anechoic Chamber Closeup of SMA Coax Feed


100 mm Tile Bald Eagle
PCB0049A 2GHz Bald Eagle PCB Antenna Tested in Anechoic Chamber Closeup of SMA Coax Feed