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Antenna Pattern Desktop Models

Antenna Pattern Desktop Models

Want the ultimate way to visualize your antenna patterns?

We can take your measured 3D gain results and produce standard STL files for 3D printing. Then we create a solid representation of your measured antenna pattern. These desktop models are perfect for presentations, trade shows, and customer meetings. Stand out from the crowd!

We offer this service as an add on to any of our antenna tests for only $175. Our deliverable is a standard STL file that we email to you in addition to our regular Excel spreadsheet results and 3D plot files. You can print it yourself, we can do it ($450 for a desktop model and the STL file), or you contract print it yourself with an online-service. We can even make videos of your frequency swept 3D measured antenna patterns with this service.

Check out some of these examples we have actually printed, along with the source antennas tested. All pictures are click-to-enlarge3D .

If you want to try printing an STL file yourself, start with this example. It is the front hemisphere of the Palm Tree antenna’s gain pattern at 9.525 GHz.

3D Printing a group of antenna gain patterns